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Happy Date-iversary

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This is what I made my sweet to celebrate two years together.

Olive you

He sent me roses at work! As best as I can tell, they are the “Fire and Ice” variety – red on the inside and white on the outside. I have no idea what the hybrid varieties symbolize.

‘Tis a strange thing, getting the girliest of girly gifts at a company largely populated by asocial programmers. Can’t say I hated it, though.

Googlerific! “the white rose is usually seen as representing innocence and purity, while the red rose is one of Western culture‘s most prized symbols of romantic love. So, to present a person with a flower that appears to be white with red edging, but in reality is equally divided between white and red, is a tacit way of telling them that you connect with them on a spiritual level, but that there are non-Platonic feelings that run far deeper than they have been acknowledged to run.”

Wow, I hope Jon knows what he got himself into 🙂


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March 31, 2008 at 9:57 pm

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There is always more.

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I hope I can keep up my momentum with FutureSarah. While I am extremely happy that as of Thursday morning, I will be working 20 minutes from home rather than 50, I can see that extra time per day going to staying later at work. Already I have pretty much lost my scheduled gym time because I’ve been working too late to exercise AND make/eat dinner.

We have a huge milestone due in mid-April, and I keep finding more problems with what we currently have running. In addition to the tasks we knew I was going to have to do, I seem to be spending an awful lot of time fixing other people’s broke-ass code. (Non-technical people: I just have a ton of un-fun work to do in the next month).

Here’s hoping that there is an end to the unplanned work*, and I can get back to making happy coasters, aprons, bibs, bags,…. Sigh. Just thinking about sewing and knitting both calms me down and makes me wish I was anywhere but in my cubicle right now.

*See blog post title

Written by Sarah Levantine

March 11, 2008 at 4:55 pm

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