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I hope I can keep up my momentum with FutureSarah. While I am extremely happy that as of Thursday morning, I will be working 20 minutes from home rather than 50, I can see that extra time per day going to staying later at work. Already I have pretty much lost my scheduled gym time because I’ve been working too late to exercise AND make/eat dinner.

We have a huge milestone due in mid-April, and I keep finding more problems with what we currently have running. In addition to the tasks we knew I was going to have to do, I seem to be spending an awful lot of time fixing other people’s broke-ass code. (Non-technical people: I just have a ton of un-fun work to do in the next month).

Here’s hoping that there is an end to the unplanned work*, and I can get back to making happy coasters, aprons, bibs, bags,…. Sigh. Just thinking about sewing and knitting both calms me down and makes me wish I was anywhere but in my cubicle right now.

*See blog post title


Written by Sarah Levantine

March 11, 2008 at 4:55 pm

Posted in My Other Self

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