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Introducing Angelfish & Co.

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A friend of mine recently opened up a new craft consignment shop Angelfish & Co. (her first, congratulations!!). She is sharing retail space with a flower shop, which should help her get some initial business. I went by there yesterday to check it out, and got some forms to sign up as a consigner. It looks fairly straightforward – I bring her stuff, she shows it in the shop, then if it sells, she gives me money (minus a cut for herself). My idea is to split my merch between the shop and my own Etsy shop. I’ll have to take care with what I show in the shop, since there are other crafters selling their wares, and similar designs don’t help anyone out.

In related news, I spent yesterday sewing, and got a couple of aprons done. Next step: finding cheap supplies (fabric, notions, hardware). I think I’ll see what Ebay has to offer.

Here’s a little more info on the store, if you want to visit:

Angelfish & Co.
558 Santa Cruz Avenue, Menlo Park

Shop photos from other crafter jennicakes here.


Written by Sarah Levantine

February 11, 2008 at 12:50 pm

Posted in Crafts

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