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In which Sarah gets political.

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I watched the Democratic debate tonight after I got home from work/gym, and while I'm still supporting Obama, I feel much better about the possibility of Clinton getting the nomination.  I had pretty much been ignoring all the previous debates and commercials and other propaganda, reading only what came up on my CNN news feed.  I had no sense of what Hillary was like as a public speaker.  Overall, I was impressed with her performance.

I started wondering, during the course of the debate, whether I had chosen the right candidate.  I really tried to focus on the differences in their policies, and not on who looked and acted more “presidential.”

Do you remember when Clinton wrote her book, It Takes a Village?  Yeah, I didn't read it, either.  Last night, though, I think I started to understand her philosophy on the purpose of government.  All through the different topics – the current mortgage crisis, health care, entertainment content for children – her policy centered around taking care of America.  It seems she and I agree on what the current problems are, but I don't really agree with the ways she wants to solve them.

In contrast to her ideas, Obama wants to empower Americans to take care of themselves.  While Clinton wants to give us food, Obama wants to teach us to fish.  I am half bleeding-heart liberal, half libertarian.  I see that the government has been making things unnecessarily easy for the wealthy and leaving others behind, but I don't think the rest of the country's citizens need to lift everyone up, mandating what is “good” for everyone.  I think we should enable people to make their own choices and stand up for themselves.  Clinton makes healthcare mandatory for everyone; Obama just wants to make sure it's affordable so anyone who wants coverage can get it.  Clinton wants to freeze ARM rates for existing mortgages to help people who were dumb enough to take those loans; Obama sees that this will make it harder for future homebuyers and cost reasonable citizens money.

Anyway, there is my slightly rambling opinion on the two remaining Democratic candidates.  I like that both of them are advocating great changes from the current administration, and I like that whichever candidate gets nominated, we will be making history.  The greatest feeling I have, though, is that in contrast to the 2004 election, this year I was excited by all of the (Democratic) candidates.  Four years ago, the overriding theme seemed to be to pick the most electable candidate to go up against Bush; it didn't matter which because anything was better than what we had.  We ended up with a nominee that we didn't really care about.  This year, these people are trying to make the change I want to see in the world.  I can't wait to see what happens come November 🙂


Written by Sarah Levantine

February 1, 2008 at 10:45 am

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