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I don't like New Years' Resolutions.  I do, however, love the feeling of renewal that comes on January 1st.  It is naturally a time to reflect on the last year and your life in general, and to evaluate where you are with where you really want to be.

I've made some changes, some experimental, some as quasi-resolutions – we'll see what sticks after a month.

  • Shower at night – helps with the morning routine if I don't have to worry about drying my hair.
  • Hit the gym (almost) daily – with my new commute, it is very hard to find time to go to the gym for my traditional 60-90 minute total-body workouts.  Instead, I am promising myself to exercise for 20-30 minutes, 5-6 days a week.  I just stop at the EA gym on the way home from work, then shower when I get home (it all works together, see?)
  • Go to work earlier – so I can leave earlier, so I can go to the gym before dinner, etc. etc.
  • Get better at time management – if something needs to be done, just do it.  I have historically been a *huge* procrastinator, and things like home maintenance typically fall by the wayside as a result.
  • “Improve” eating habits – work on portion sizes and snacking habits, mostly.  This is really difficult at work, although of all the things on the list, it's the one that will bring the most benefits if I can keep it up.

On that note, today I signed up with SparkPeople (username “saralah”) to help me stay on track.  The web site really allows you to customize how you use it achieve your goals – you can use the tools just to track your own progress, or you can follow diet and exercise plans they've laid out according to your goals.  I'll probably fall somewhere in the middle, tailoring my program to fit my busy lifestyle, and using the site for advice and inspiration.

The time management goal has had some weird consequences….  I get home from work after the gym, have a bite to eat, feed the cats, take a shower, clean up the kitchen and other common areas, and then Poof! the evening is gone.  I have been only watching The Daily Show and then going to bed.  I do miss having evenings to work on my crafts, and I *definitely* miss having time to make and sit down to a proper dinner.  The weird bit, though, is that I seem to have more energy when I'm running around like this than I do when I ignore the chores and take “me time.”  I suspect it's something about not stressing about all the things I should be doing.  Hopefully my hobby time will still exist on the weekends.  Although I feel better right now, after having done this for a week or so, my time is being soaked up by just doing the things that need to be done every day – work, gym, chores, sleep.  I don't know if I can keep this up in the long term if there's no time for the extras that make life special.

I feel pretty good about these new habits.  I don't want to change a tremendous amount, I just want to be more energetic, productive, and get rid of that damned muffin-top that sometimes sticks out of my jeans 🙂


Written by Sarah Levantine

January 11, 2008 at 2:04 pm

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