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So yesterday's post was a bit abbreviated.  I spent all afternoon getting ready for the big event, got there, and realized I hadn't posted in my blog!  And I wouldn't be home until it was already Sunday!  Catastrophe!!  That post was sent via my mobile phone, mid-party.  Internet on my phone is functional, but leaves much to be desired.  I will have to figure out this TxtLJ thing.

Last night was awesome!  Jon and I had a joint birthday party (since our birthdays are just 10 days apart) in the city.  We rented out a bar for the night – for the small fee of a guaranteed minimum bar tab, we got the whole place from 8:00 until closing time, a full sheet cake, and two bottles of champagne!  There were just two problems – a casualty of alcohol in the men's bathroom, and coming in way under the minimum bar tab.

I hooked up my iPod to their stereo system for some loungey musical ambiance, there was pool-playing, fireside-sitting, and lots of drinking.  At the peak of the party, I think we had 50 or 60 guests.  It was a trip, being in a public place, but still knowing everyone around you.  The Cheers theme song floated in my head more than once.  Did I mention, I had a great time?

I am trying to figure out how we came in so far under the tab, and can think of three reasons.  One: looking around, most everyone was drinking beer or wine instead of the expensive top-shelf alcohol.  Two: on top of that, people weren't drinking very much.  Damn you, responsible friends!  Three:  on the way home, some people in the car we were in commented on how they weren't charged for all of their drinks.  They said they asked the bartender why they drank 13 beers and paid for 10, and the bartender said, “Don't worry about it.”  Under normal circumstances that is an awesome quality in a bartender, but in this case, Jon and I were on the hook for the rest of the money.  I sent an e-mail to the bar owners this morning, informing them of what was going on (but carefully didn't ask for any money back – despite everything, they did help make the party run very smoothly).

Jon's sister got me Rayman Raving Rabbids as a gift, and I spent this morning playing it.  That game is one of my favorites for art direction, and I think it will hold up as a good party game once I'm done with the story mode.  Thank you Katy!  I love it!!

Nothing else has been planned for the rest of the day, other than sending out a couple of thank you cards, then heading to David's place for some dinner with he and Valeri.  Just two more days until Jon's birthday, and the end of this giant, fun-but-exhausting,  HalloweenBirthdayBirthdayFest '07.

Update: Now with pictures!

Time to sing…

Cake (banana) and champagne…yum!

The rest of the photos can be found on flickr:  Zeki's Birthday Bash 07

Thanks to everyone who made it!


Written by Sarah Levantine

November 11, 2007 at 1:38 pm

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