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The following is a true story, which took place today at 3am.

Most of you probably already know that there was an earthquake on Halloween Eve, 8pm, centered around San Jose.  I felt it, but barely (I was in the East Bay at the time, where it was much weaker, and I was bent over petting my friend's cat).  I mostly noticed the sound, which was like a huge gust of wind.

Last night/early this morning, I awoke with a start to a shaking bed.  Another earthquake!  I looked over at Jon, who was sound asleep.  I shook him awake, and jumped out of bed.  He hadn't felt a thing.  I told him he must have slept through it.  It was weird, because this earthquake was completely silent, just moving the house a lot more than last week's had.  We stood there for a minute, waiting to see if there were any aftershocks, then got back into bed.  I had trouble falling asleep because my mind was racing.  I wondered whether this earthquake had been set up because the previous one had shaken something loose and put pressure on a different place on the fault.  I wondered whether, when The Big One hit, if it were during the night, what would I do?  Obviously I would make sure I was dressed and get outside, but would the cats be safer out among the street's chaos, or shut up in their room to wait for our return?  I wasn't terribly frightened or anything, just thoughtful.  We talked about it for a minute before going back to sleep.

When the sun was up, I got out of bed.  First thing, I turned on my computer to check the epicenter and magnitude of the quake, and whether there had been any damage.  The punchline:  THERE WAS NO EARTHQUAKE.  Turns out it was just Jon rolling over in bed.  *sigh*

p.s.  I got a Wii for my birthday!!!  After recovering from the embarrassing fact that I can't tell the difference between an earthquake and someone rolling over in bed, I spent the morning exploring MySims.  Too cute!

p.p.s.  My parents got me a gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma.  I have to figure out what to buy with it.  Do I save up and get my beloved Kitchenaid Mixer (I'd need to save up another $200)?  Or do I go smaller, getting things like Silpat baking mats, a pizza stone & cutter, and more cookbooks?


Written by Sarah Levantine

November 4, 2007 at 2:24 pm

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