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Avast!  Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!


That's all I have to say about that – at least before 11am.

I'm cleaning up my cube today.  Not cleaning it out, just getting old code printouts and notes shredded, putting things where they ought to be, in general getting a bit more organized.  I'll try to get rid of a little bit of my flair as well.  I figure if I'm telling people I am good at organizing things and that they should hire me as a Producer, maybe I ought to act a bit like one 🙂  That, and there's not much else to do at this stage in the project.

On the crafty side, I finally figured out how to do fair isle colorwork.  I'm working on a killer sweater from the Fall Knitscene magazine.  The colors are turning out a bit more Christmas-like than I had planned (red and green will do that to ya), but it is still beautiful, even if it will only be worn for the month of December.

Update on the last (Labor Day, new habits) post:  picking up new habits is significantly easier than ditching old ones.  In 19 days since I started on my new plan, I have missed my wakeup workout just 4 times.  Two of those were Sundays, and two of them were from sleeping in.  Not bad!  I am giving myself one day off for free each week anyway, so I really just missed two.  The eating habit changes have been much more difficult to stick to.  I blame this primarily on work, where there is nothing to do, so everyone wants to go on these great two-hour lunches everyday.  I want to fit in, so I go along.  My weakness has been in not paying attention to what I order or how much I eat once I get out on these lunches.  I want to indulge in this slow work period so much, I just let it go, telling myself I will shape up my diet once the project is really over.

I ran across a flickr set of the most beautiful bento box lunches the other day; this may be my salvation.  I can't spend the time making these crazy works of art, but the concept of the artfully prepared, healthy lunch is making me want to start bringing my food in.  Again, maybe once the project is over….and it will have to be done without spending too much extra money, otherwise I'd be forfeiting my financial goals as well.


Written by Sarah Levantine

September 19, 2007 at 10:52 am

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