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Travelog – Mercredi, 7 Mars

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Jon and I slept in again, then spent the day walking around to some of the sights we hadn't seen yet.  We saw the cathédrale Saint-Pierre, which had a facade too large for me to photograph (they do an okay job here, but even then you don't get the sense of scale that comes from just standing in front of it).  I went to take some photographs of the interior, but walking into that immense building, I just couldn't bring myself to.  This was a place of worship, beyond most churches that I had seen.  I've been inside churches and cathedrals where they tell you not to take pictures, and ones where people are snapping away, but this was different.  It was not a tourist attraction.  Anyway, we marvelled at the height of the ceilings and the many altars that were set up, then moved on.

Walking along the street behind the cathedral, we passed a garden, which turned out to be Montpellier's Jardin des Plantes.  Being March, there wasn't much in the way of flowering plants, but we still saw some cool stuff.

Eventually, it started to sprinkle…

…and we headed back to the hotel.  We packed up our dirty clothes, and went over to Carrie's to hang out and do the laundry before leaving town.

Apparently, there were three big football (soccer) games going on, so we avoided the pub until after things had calmed down.  I had my knitting with me, and worked on a scarf while we watched TV on the computer.  We saw a few episodes of Friends, Rock Academy (a.k.a. School of Rock), and Click.  Carrie also made dinner again, this time a quick pasta toss with artichoke hearts and other yummy ingredients.  (I'm so proud of how domestic she's become!)  Over time, the clothes moved from the washer in the flat to the dryer at the laundromat downstairs, but something was wrong.  After an hour in the dryers, and all of the change we could find, many of the clothes, most importantly ALL OF MY PANTS, were still wet.  We set up the clothes on a drying rack and went down to the pub (Carrie let me borrow a pair of jeans).

By the time we got down to O'Carolan's, the games were over and there were just a handful of sports fans hanging around.  Here's a funny thing:  in America, pretty universally, the official drink of any given sport is beer.  In France, it's also beer – except they put SYRUP in it.  It's like a beer Italian Soda.  They have cider there, but apparently that's not wimpy enough.  Anyway, we enjoyed our Beamish Reds and had a laugh over it.


Written by Sarah Levantine

April 23, 2007 at 11:12 pm

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