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Travelog – Mardi, 6 Mars

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The one day we planned to be outside in Montpellier became the day that we didn't want to be there. It was wet and gloomy all day. Our outdoor picnic turned out to be an indoor picnic at Neal and Carrie's flat. He had picked up several different kinds of specialty cheese and some bread that morning (I guess it's all special in France). We ate cheese and drank wine for lunch, then headed back down to the Musée Fabre.  By this time, having adjusted to the local French schedule, it was already mid-afternoon.

We didn't make it all the way through the museum before closing time, but didn't mind much.  The paintings and sculptures, while nice, weren't the type that really capture my imagination.  Carrie and her friends looked bored out of their minds.  We all parted ways for a couple of hours, then met back at the flat for homemade dinner.

Carrie made cream of broccoli soup, green salad, and baked potatoes.  Yum!  We ate, then spent the evening going through Neal's catalog of trivia questions (he runs a weekly pub quiz at his bar).  As expected, Jon knew just about everything (I helped out in a few places).

We didn't do much on account of the weather, but given that it was the only really rainy day on the trip, I'd say we were lucky.


Written by Sarah Levantine

April 23, 2007 at 10:49 pm

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