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Happy Belated Easter!

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Magenta is the official color of the arrival of Spring – at least for me. Every year, I forget that I work indoors and for the most part keep my skin covered up, then the one beautiful day when I put on my warm-weather clothes and spend the day outdoors, I forget to put on sunscreen. Magenta is the color of my shoulders right now (thankfully, it's the only place that got anything beyond a slight flush).

Everything else about Easter went fantastically. I had a bunch of friends over for a traditional Easter brunch. The weather turned out beautifully. We ate in the back-backyard (those of you who have been to my house will understand that), complete with sinking chairs. We had an interesting mix of people, many of whom had only met at my other parties, but the company and conversation was great. I made Eggs Benedict and a French Toast Casserole, with some sparkling lemonade and a sparkling cranberry drink. Friends brought champagne, fresh-squeezed orange juice, cheesy potatoes, ham biscuits, petit fours, chocolate cupcakes, and two of the most gourmet fruit salads I've ever seen.

We started eating around 11:30, as soon as the eggs were done, and stayed outside for a good two hours (hence the sunburn). I made everyone take what they brought (so…much…sugar…) when it came time to leave, except for one of the fruit salads – strawberries and grapes in a red wine and balsamic reduction – I could not resist. After a week of my diet new eating habits, eating all this delicious sugar and fat buffet-style almost made me sick.

Once everyone left, Jon and I laid down for a nap. He left around 4:00 to go watch scary movies, I slept pushed Dom off the bed for another hour, then got up and cleaned the kitchen. I love that whenever I have a party, my house is always cleaner after the fact šŸ™‚


Written by Sarah Levantine

April 9, 2007 at 10:53 am

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