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Travelog – Dimanche, 4 Mars

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Sunday morning we woke up bright and early.  We packed up, and headed downstairs to check out.  Having been through the Underground catastrophe the night before, and not looking forward to any more public transportation shenanigans, we decided to take a taxi straight to the Waterloo station, where we would catch the Eurostar to Paris.

The trip, from getting in the taxi up until we arrived in Paris, was pretty uneventful aside from some creative driving by our taxi driver (you think New York cabbies are nuts?).  Once we arrived in Paris, we had something like one and a half hours to get from the station we arrived at, Gare du Nord, to the station where we needed to catch the TGV, Gare de Lyon.  I had fun trying to speak French with this taxi driver.  By that time, I had learned to say “we visit my sister, she lives in Montpellier.”  That's about it.  He spoke pretty good English, so we were able to communicate on the essentials.

We did happen across this big public demonstration in protest of I-don't-know-what.  Our driver told us that these protests happen all the time in Paris, laughed it off, then drove around it.  He got us from start to finish in about 20 minutes, which was fantastic.  Our travel problems were over (at least for this leg of the trip)!  We got straight on the TGV, and jetted at 300 kph to the south of France.

We arrived in Montpellier around 8:00, and Carrie was waiting for us at the station.  Reunion!  We walked up to check in to our hotel; about a 10 minute walk up a slight hill with bumpy cobblestones along much of it.  Our hotel room was more “quaint” (read: outdated) than the London one, but the bedspread was large enough for both of us and there was an extra twin bed where we could keep all of our stuff.  The bathroom was very nice, except for the typical European feature of the bathtub having no upright shower head.  There was one; it was just mounted low, right above the faucet.  This meant taking showers sitting down, which took a little effort, but was also kinda nice and relaxing.

After we got settled, we went and went looking for some food.  It was Sunday, so naturally, all of the good places were closed.  We found one shop that was open, and got some kebabs (roast turkey meat wrapped with veges and sauce, available all over Europe); armed with food, we walked over to O'Carolan's, the pub that Neal was working at.  We said our hellos, got some beers (Guinness and then Beamish Red), and had a good old time.  Jon and Neal got along famously – probably because they both like beer and music, and they both talk very fast.  It was hard to keep up sometimes 🙂  We stayed until the bar closed, then headed home for the night.  Aah bliss, we had finally beaten the jet lag and were able to sleep in!


Written by Sarah Levantine

April 8, 2007 at 7:20 pm

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