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We are having a great time in Montpellier so far – we've really lucked out on the weather so far (uh oh, did I just jinx it?).  We just wrapped up a nice brunch of wine, bread and all kinds of crazy cheeses at my sister's flat.  We're going to try the museum again today, since half of the city is closed on Mondays (the other half being closed on Sundays).  Yesterday we had a fantastic French dinner, then headed to Neal's pub until closing time.  I'm happy to say, we finally adjusted to the time difference, and are even managing to sleep in in the mornings.

A quick recap of the trip so far:

London –
Ronnie Scott's jazz club – not as good as I remember from last time, and WAY too expensive.  Add to that the fact that we had just gotten off the redeye from SFO, and it wasn't very fun.  The singer kept making funny faces every time she really got into what she was singing.
Day trip to Oxford – toured the Bodleian Library, and then toured the pubs of the city.  One of Jon's friends from undergrad lives there, so she showed us around and we had a great time (transportation mishaps aside; more on that later).
The British Museum – FREE!!  Hallelujah!!  Awesome artifacts; for time constraints, we only explored the Egyptian and Greek/Roman exhibits.  Believe me, that was plenty.  You wouldn't believe the amount treasures British explorers stole from these ancient civilizations.

Montpellier –
Kebabs and beer
Crepes and tea
French food (confit de canard) and wine
More beer
Cheese and more wine
Is there a theme developing here?

We are generally eating, drinking, sleeping, and walking around here.  I have no complaints 🙂

Tomorrow we'll find something else fun and relaxing to do, then Thursday we head to Venice for a couple of days.  Talk to you then!




Written by Sarah Levantine

March 6, 2007 at 3:08 pm

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