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Out Of Office

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So.  This is my new blog.  It's supposed to be a general-purpose, whatever I feel like talking about blog (as opposed to my last one, Athena's Legacy, which went down in flames because I just didn't feel like talking about videogames anymore).  That's not how it's going to start, though…

…I've gone and procrastinated on my introductory posting, as can be expected.  It just so happens, though, that I'm going on vacation tomorrow.  For two weeks.  To Europe.  THE Europe.

Hopefully I'll have enough Internet access to post all kinds of interesting pictures of things I see, along with helpful commentary.

Our plane leaves around 6:00pm tomorrow, headed for London.  I am still at work, but have pretty much given up on getting anything else done while I'm here today.  My head is swimming with all of the things I have left to do before zero hour, including, but not limited to:

  • Pay all bills in advance
  • More laundry
  • Find some sleeping pills at the grocery for the plane
  • Straighten up the house
  • Find a real paper journal to write in
  • Figure out FAA regulations regarding all things knitting related
  • Pour liquid from large bottles into very small ones
  • Take the cats to the pet hotel
  • Charge DS, Camera, Phone, Ipod
  • Listen to my French, Italian, and German books on tape (okay, may be a little late for that one)
  • PACK!!!

I guess “normal” posting can wait until after the trip.  Now I think it's time to find my manager and tell him I'm taking off.  Woooooooo!


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February 27, 2007 at 5:15 pm

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